6 Gestures That Show a Man Is in Love With You

Many women, especially young girls, often feel insecure in their romantic relationships. Well, sometimes our worst expectations are justified, but it can also be easy to doubt our partner’s feelings because of our fears or a past bad relationship. Fortunately, there are several signs that can help you understand if your partner really cares about you or is just using you for his own benefit.

We understand how confusing relationships can be, so we want to shed some light on how you can define your partner’s true intentions.

He loves you: staring at you all the time.

In many romantic songs, the songwriters were right: a man who truly loves you will not be able to distract him. Many men have this special look in their eyes when they dress for Friday night. But if you notice that he’s watching you in amazement and excitement when you do simple things, like cook dinner or put on your coat, he’s probably falling in love.

He uses you: It doesn’t make you feel special.

It looks like you are no different than any other girl he’s been with or his friends. He or she may constantly compare you to other people or show you no affection at all. And if you feel that you are just one of many, he probably doesn’t care enough to appreciate you.

He loves you: He doesn’t freak out even when you expect him to.

We all have skeletons in our lockers and they are so good that they can clinch deals for some people. But if your partner knows a lot about your past, including moments that you weren’t proud of and are still with you, then he probably loves you more than you think. Embracing all aspects of another person, not just the fun aspects, is a sign of a mature love relationship.

He uses you: you feel guilty constantly.

It seems that you cannot do anything right from dealing with work problems to choosing food for your cat at the supermarket. If you constantly feel that no matter what you do, you are not enough and can do better, then it is time to escape from your relationship. There is nothing wrong with trying to help your partner become a better person, but these changes should be implemented through love and care and not through making you feel guilty.

He loves you: He is more aware of how his behavior affects you.

We all have our own patterns of behavior and do not always fully understand how they affect others. If you notice that your partner is becoming more self-aware and trying to act in a way that doesn’t hurt or discourage, this is a good sign. But keep in mind that if you are worried about something or want him to act differently, it is best to have a conversation and not expect him to understand it on his own. Your man can’t read your thoughts, can he?

He uses you: it disappears on you.

You make plans together and he saves at the last minute. Or it takes a long time to respond to your text messages or phone calls Yes, it can be busy from time to time, but someone who really appreciates will find a moment to check-in with you. If you feel that he doesn’t value your time, then you probably only spend his time with him when it feels right for him and on his schedule.

He loves you: He notes the little details that make you happy.

We all love big gestures, but the little things matter the most. For example, it remembers your favorite ice cream flavor, the stupid TV show you watch when you are sad, or the name of your first pet. These things show that he cares enough to go beyond the stereotypical things like flowers and candy (but we still love them) and interact with you on a more personal level.

He uses you: He is never ready to compromise.

Finding compromises can be difficult, especially if your relationship is new but it is the goal we should all focus on. Your partner should respect your opinion and be ready to find the right balance for both of you to be happy. If he does not want to give up his “right” to decide everything, then it is time to escape from this controlling relationship.

He loves you: opens up and expects the same from you.

We all feel vulnerable in our relationships, but it is difficult to build a strong relationship without sharing your thoughts and feelings. If he is ready to overcome the fear of rejection and open up with you about his concerns and problems, then he trusts you and can see the future with you. And it works both ways: He’s interested in knowing your true self, not just the pretty armor you might have been wearing.

He is using you: he manipulates you emotionally.

He knows your strengths and weaknesses and tries to manipulate you to do the things he wants. This type of relationship is unacceptable no matter what. If you notice that you are constantly feeling guilty or that your partner’s feelings dominate you, it is time to step back and evaluate what is going on.

He loves you: ready to talk about problems.

Although a healthy amount of emotion can actually be helpful in resolving a conflict and keeping your partner happy, shouting will not solve the problem. After both of you are done with the romance, your partner should be ready to hold a conversation to discuss things. Communication is the key to a strong relationship and a partner who loves you should be able to put their ego aside and admit that they could be wrong.

Provokes you: It provokes you into public scenes happen or is silent for days.

We get that things can get very emotional sometimes, but a guy who loves you will never insult you by creating a scene or bothering you by staying silent for days. These behaviors could be a sign of emotional manipulation, an inability to control their emotions, or even a form of “punishment” for things you did wrong. A guy who truly loves you will never harm you, so if this isn’t the situation you want, you better run away from this relationship.