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How to file a personal injury lawsuit in Oregon?
If the affected party in Oregon is represented by a law firm with experience in the personal injury field, you have a higher chance of achieving the maximum recovery.

Once the aggrieved party files its legal claim, the opposing party must formally respond. Then, the discovery process can begin, as both parties will have the opportunity to obtain any evidence or records deemed important to the claim.

Negotiations for the deal could continue after the discovery. If the parties cannot reach an agreement or pre-trial decision, the case will go to trial.

What damages do you expect to recover in a personal injury case?
With competent legal representation from a personal injury law firm in Oregon, it is likely that the injured party will be able to recover all losses incurred by the injury. Oregon law distinguishes between economic and non-economic damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

Economic damages are financial losses that can be objectively verified. These can include medical costs, past and future loss of income, and losses due to property damage. In Oregon, there is no upper limit to the amount of economic damage that can be awarded to an aggrieved party.

Non-economic damages include non-monetary losses, including physical pain and suffering, psychological and emotional distress, and loss of companionship. Non-economic damage under Oregon law is limited to $ 500,000.

In extreme cases, where a personal injury attorney can prove that the guilty party indulged in total recklessness or intended to inflict the damage, the court can also award punitive damages to the victim.
How long will it take to obtain a personal injury settlement?
This will depend mainly on the goals of the casualty. They will likely receive a quick offer of repair from the insurance company to prevent them from entering into more robust negotiations with the help of a qualified Oregon personal injury attorney.

However, an injured victim must always remember that they have no way of determining how their life will change immediately due to the injury and the future medical costs that this may entail.

Ideally, they should refrain from speaking directly with an insurance representative until a good attorney is appointed.

A lawyer will be able to provide you with the best legal advice and guide you to continue the evaluation of an experienced medical professional regarding your long-term medical condition.

While the attorney collects documents and evidence to build a strong case for compensation, the insurance company may also use the best legal techniques to extend negotiations in hopes that it will tire the victim and accept a lesser settlement.

In other words, patience is key to obtaining fair compensation for the victim’s damages. However, at all times, the victim has the final say in the negotiation process and can choose to accept or reject an offer at any time.

An Oregon personal injury attorney will stand by the victim to help protect her legal rights and increase her compensation through the process.

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