A Successful Blind Date

Sometimes it happens that people are so lost and start feeling so nervous that they make a lot of mistakes on a blind date. Often the sad experience of a friend plays its role, and this thought lies deep in the head, a person is previously imagined skeptically and startledly, which directly leads to complete failure.

A blind date is a kind of lottery, you can win a million dollars for a beautiful husband or a good friend, and you can waste your money and time in vain. Such a meeting should be seen as an adventure. However, of course, with all this, you need to prepare for a date, follow certain rules, and then the adventure will definitely be successful:

# 1. Be flexible in your expectations. Remember, you don’t know this person yet, and agreeing to dates doesn’t necessarily mean this will be the love of your entire life. Go on a date with the intention of having fun and getting to know someone, rather than checking if it’s a good fit for your partner’s role. This will allow you to relax and the conversation will be better.

# 2. Your matchmaker bug. Let your mutual friend give you the email address of your future dating partner. Write to him in a friendly tone. Don’t ask for his phone number or offer to meet him right away. Send multiple emails first. Then the guy should be polite to ask if he can date you.

# 3. Stand on an appointment. Don’t forget to let the person know if you are late or want to change the day of your date and not at the last minute.

# 4.Enjoy your time. It doesn’t matter whether the person can become your future husband or not, just relax and try to enjoy your date.

# 5.Do not be rude. Just smile and finish your date if you don’t like it. Tell the person that there is no relationship between the two of you, thank them and leave. It is better that they come separately.

# 6.Not go away. A blind date can pass in different ways, but anyway, it is imperative that we thank the person for the time they spent. If all is well, exchange phones or arrange for the next meeting. On the contrary, if you understand that this is your first and last meeting, then this should be said truthfully, so that the person does not have empty illusions.

# 7.Be open to conversations. It is necessary to prepare several common topics to start a conversation, as it progresses, it is necessary to ask questions, but without overdoing it, it is impossible for a person to feel himself during the interview. If it is difficult to find common topics, and before that you never communicated even in chat or via a social network, then the best solution is to go to the cinema or exhibition, where you will immediately find what you are talking about.

# 8.Neat and informal dress. Wear something to suit the situation: Choose casual wear for a casual or active pastime, choose a dress for a formal date, such as a restaurant dinner.

# 9.Not be fake. One more thing, don’t forget to be yourself, that’s important. One of the most common mistakes is that a person wants to be better than they really are, and begins to invent superstitions and act as they shouldn’t. If your connection continues, you will have to open up, which can lead to disappointment.

# 10.Do not practice excessive sex. Even if you have a long online conversation, don’t rush to cuddle and kiss your chef on a first date. More connections can disappoint you. In this case, it will not be easy to explain the sudden cold. The best option is to smile warmly at the meeting, and in the end, if all is well, you can kiss your friend on the cheek.

No. 11. The perfect place to meet. Plan short meetings in crowded places. It could be a restaurant, a cafe, or a park. Public places have their perks, and if the date is disturbing you have a way out.

Number 12. Be careful. A lot of times due to nerves, we can talk a lot. Try to restrain yourself. Of course, you don’t have to be silent, but it is pointless to talk too much. Observe a reasonable balance: Give the person enough information just to spark their interest and interest, and encourage them to ask you some questions.

Try it now to see the best version for yourself, ASAP.

# 13. Say what’s on your mind at the end of the date. Select the next meeting. If you don’t really feel attracted, you better refuse politely. Since your mutual friend is involved, don’t put off the decision until later, so you don’t cause problems.

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