8 Tips Before You Hire An Office Removal Company

1. Declutter

First of all, if you have some unwanted things in your old office, be sure to get rid of them. For example, if an old locker cooperated with physical records, you could leave it elsewhere. Alternatively, you can create digital copies of these records.

2. Planning

Once you get rid of the clutter, your next step is to decide which items you want to move to the new location. It is a great idea to create a complete list of every item that needs to be reset.

3. The budget

After creating a list of all the items, you should contact the different office removal companies and ask them for quotations. Make sure to contact a provider you can rely on. If you want them to do the packing for you as well, make sure the total cost includes this service as well.

4. Reduce or enlarge the size

You might think that downsizing is cost effective, but it isn’t. You may also want to factor in opportunity cost. Find out if all things can fit in the new location. If you couldn’t place some items in the office due to space constraints, what would you do? Will you be able to sell the extra items? Therefore, it is best to think about these points in advance. Amplification is the opposite.

5. Update your location details

Make sure your clients know your new office before taking any step. You can start by updating your Google office address. Apart from that, you can place signage near your old office and have them on them your new office address. Likewise, you may want to update all of your social media pages with your new address.

6. Communications

If possible, you should contact your permanent clients and tell them your new office address. This will ensure that everyone knows you have moved on.

7. Review

Finally, you should review everything to find out what worked and what did not. This will add to your experience, which will help you make your next step a lot easier. After all, you don’t want you to end up making the same mistakes every step of the way.

8. Provide feedback

Finally, you might want to provide feedback about the service you received from removing Office. They will be grateful to you for your contribution to their services. Your feedback will help them improve, which will benefit you in return.

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